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Microsoft To Update The Office 365 Business Premium Plan With New Small Apps

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Microsoft-To-Update-The-Office-365-Business-Premium-Plan-With-New-Small-Apps-300x129 Microsoft To Update The Office 365 Business Premium Plan With New Small AppsTo its Office 365 BusinessPremium subscription, Microsoft is all set to add a few more small but new business focused applications. Apps like MileIQ, Invoice, Booking, Presence, Point and Spend were hyped by the signup page for the ‘business apps for the office’. The above-mentioned apps seem to be cross platform and mobile first in nature. In the Office 365 Business premium, plan some of these applications are already being added and some are in the process of being added. The Booking app could be directly incorporated into Facebook page for booking users said Microsoft in a statement. The presence of MileIQ in the list is because of the company’s acquisition of Mobile Data Labs that developed the MileIQ app.


The Presence and Spend app listed are marked as coming soon. The Microsoft Garage incubator project known as Phoenix might have something to do with the Spend app. The app is known as Point also might some relation with another Microsoft Garage incubator project called Home Team. To the coming soon addition in the list of new apps mentioned by Microsoft, there is a personal assistant app as well. The company hasn’t commented anything about the coming soon marked apps in the list yet.