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Microsoft Updates Will Be Smaller And Quicker

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Microsoft-Updates-Will-Be-Smaller-And-Quicker-300x129 Microsoft Updates Will Be Smaller And QuickerIn order for the devices to update from one version of Windows 10 to another Microsoft has announced a Unified Update Platform. A set of behind-the-scenes alterations in Windows 10 that reduces the size of update files, reduce the processing power required to update and simplify updates on Windows smartphones has been incorporated by UUP. In order to address user complaints regarding the update process these improvements are been made. Director of program management for the Windows Insider Program and OS fundamentals at Microsoft, Bill Karagounissaid in a statement that streamlining these updates is necessary as the target for the company regarding Windows 10 includes many updates. Delivering only for the device requesting the update is one the biggest changes. This will lead to quicker checks for the update operations because more processing is being done by the service.


UUP is all behind the scene and underlying processes happening and nothing will be observed on the surface. For Microsoft to deploy updates in different packages will be enabled by the UUP in the future. That means only the part of windows that has changed for the update will be available for download. Users will also experience a 35 percent less size for the larger updates from the company.