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Microsoft Working On New Xbox Project

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Microsoft-Working-On-New-Xbox-Project-300x129 Microsoft Working On New Xbox ProjectWith absolute privacy, Microsoft is working on a new Xbox model Dubbed Project Scorpio. The rumor that it can run games at a native 4K resolution has been in the air. However, this rumor has been confirmed by the Xbox head via a Twitter response. That means first party games will be running at a native 4K resolution. As for third party games, it is not certain if they would also be running on the identical resolution, or would just be upscaled versions. While Spencer was questioned regarding the 4K capabilities of the Scorpio,he replied that his emphasis is on getting the games ready for fans to see and play. The result of the games along with the console as a whole is satisfying. The Scorpio specification looks superior to the PlayStation 4 Pro. VR compatible hardware or software is not yet been confirmed. The PS4, however, will have the advantage with the PlayStation Virtual Reality (PSVR) leading the marketof Virtual Reality.


With the release of Xbox and joining the console race in 2001, Microsoft has filled the void left by Sega in the Video Game console market. The console gained success with the Xbox live service that it provides. The Xbox live, enable the users to play online.