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Microsoft’s Browser Continues To Experience Decline In User Base

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Microsoft’s-Browser-Continues-To-Experience-Decline-In-User-Base-300x129 Microsoft’s Browser Continues To Experience Decline In User BaseAnother 40 million users have deserted the browsers from Microsoft last month. With that, the total number of deserters have reached a whopping one-third of a billion. With a decline of 2.3 percent of users, for the month of October the combined user share of Edge and Internet Explorer is at 28.4 percent. The decline is the second biggest for the company. The flourishing of Microsoft’s browsers has been a godsend for the Mozilla’s. Mozilla’s Firefox user database has seen a growth of 2 percent this month. Firefox has recovered almost all the losses it experienced in last one year in about two months. 20.2 percent of points has been incurred by IE and the loss it not in any respect seems like stopping. Four of the last six months have documented declines of 2 points or more, twofold the number of the six months earlier.


According to a report, it is evident that if the decline continues at the current rate the IE and Edge user base will drop 25 percent mark by the end of this year and below 20 percent mark by March next year. The rate of growth of Google Chrome despite IE users ending up with it has slowed down in last two months.