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Microsoft’s Foldable Device Patent Approved

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Microsoft’s-Foldable-Device-Patent-Approved-300x129 Microsoft’s Foldable Device Patent ApprovedA new patent recently implied Microsoft hasn’t completely given up on the idea of foldable phone/tablet concept, Courier that the company introduced in 2009. Similar to the Courier concept Microsoft is envisioning a dual continues screen device as the patent was approved. However, this patent was from 2014 and not a recent one. As such, it demonstrations that Microsoft was ogling determined, foldable mobile devices at a time when the landscape for mobile computing was much more promising for the company than it is today. In the current mobile market, the where Android and iOS are dominating the shares Microsoft’s shares sits well under 1 percent.


However, Microsoft’s patent is enthralling, to say the least. It motives that phablets represent a poor compromise, spanning a phone’s “pocketability” and the large, easy-to-read display of a tablet. In this context,Microsoft, believe that the folded phone size device can unfold to reveal the thin, large screen. This concept can fill the gap between the phone and a tablet with much more usability than a phablet.


It is evident that at the current stage where technology stands no display can be powered off partially and the display that was folded away must be eating up power in the phone mode. Debates like this haven’t arrived at any conclusion yet.