Microsoft’s open source .NET and ASP.NET breakthrough

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Features-of-ASP.Net-vNext-that-will-wow-you-300x188 Microsoft’s open source .NET and ASP.NET breakthroughMicrosoft announced the general ability of its .NET Core and ASP.NET core 1.0 taking its open source programming to a new breakthrough. This breakthrough was possible because some 18,000 developers contributed to the .NET core on behalf of over 1300 companies.

The company made available the core element for use Linux and OS X through these two projects. This push make .NET accessible for developers to use thecross-platforms. Xamarin a company making a particular set of tools that allow developers to build mobile apps using .NET for Android and iOS is acquired by Microsoft. The company has a few other partners such as RedHat, Samsung, and Codenvy.

While Samsung has joined .NET Foundation’s technical group, RedHat declared that company’s Enterprise Linus distribution and its OpenShiftPaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) will support .NET core. Both RedHat and Codenvy will adopt visual studio code’s Language Server Protocol. It will be easier for other tools to implement rich editing features, once this protocol is implemented.

With Microsoft, RedHat and Codenvy supporting common protocol support, developers can have access for any language with their preferred tool. Unlike earlier,the developers have limited access to use the editors they know well when programming languages are optimized for asingle tool.