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Minimum PC Requirements For Connecting a VR Headset Is Set By Microsoft

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Minimum-PC-Requirements-For-Connecting-a-VR-Headset-Is-Set-By-Microsoft-300x129 Minimum PC Requirements For Connecting a VR Headset Is Set By MicrosoftIn order to plug VR headsets into your PC users don’t need high-end hardware is the message that Microsoft is communicating. A modest set of minimum hardware requirements for forthcoming VR headsets to be used for the PC. Microsoft trusts diverse reality is the future of computing and wants to bring VR to as many PCs as possible.Microsoft has said prices for those VR headsets would start at $299.In addition, enterprises like HP,Asus,Dell, Acer and Lenovo plan to come out with headset accessories for PCs. While compared with the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, Microsoft’s requirements are very low. For casual gaming, watching amovie and basic applications the Microsoft’s low-end hardware is more than enough. During a presentation at last week’s WinHEC show in Shenzhen, China, Mingfei Yan, senior program manager at Microsoft, said the VR experience will get better with the increase in the hardware configuration.


8 GB of dual channel memory, KabyLake-based Intel’s Core i5 7200U CPU and Intel’s HD 620 Graphics is the minimum requirement to name in order to support a VR headset. For Creators Update that the company will be releasing next year, the hardware requirements will be a little more demanding as 4K movies, Virtual Reality and 3D gaming are given more importance.