Minneapolis CIO – Heads to Semi-Retirement

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Minneapolis_-CIO-Heads_-to-_Semi-Retirement-300x200 Minneapolis CIO - Heads to Semi-RetirementMinneapolis’ chief information officer with seven-plus years of working experience and more than two decades in state and local government; is ready to retire later this fall.

Otto Doll, became the city’s IT lead in February 2011 after 15 years as CIO of South Dakota, confirmed that his last day will be Nov. 30 and informed employees during a monthly IT Department meeting on Sept. 11.

In an Initial stage, Minneapolis used the technology to identify corrupt landlords, to help them meet legal requirements and regulations and later turned its focus to affordable housing, scrutinizing poverty levels and other dynamics for the clear picture of the situations in the state. Later, Minneapolis also stood up with an enterprise land management system to integrate licensing and permitting processes from four separate departments into “one cohesive information system.”
• The process to replace him is unclear.
• When asked about the challenges his successor may inherit, Doll replied that working with an idea where problems are defined by some need for a technology should focus on the outcome.
• Doll added to the point by saying constantly poke at the data to tease out more knowledge.
• globally, in 2014, the city launched its Intelligent Operations Platform; and the analytics hub that enabled data sharing across city, county and state resources enabling a closer look for “concentrations of things” and patterns to improve overall decision-making and prioritization.
On a jovial side, he says, “I’m not going ‘cold turkey.’ I plan on doing some things still, in coming years,”.