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Mirai Malware Is Behind The Botnet Attack On DDOS

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Mirai-Malware-Is-Behind-The-Botnet-Attack-On-DDOS-300x129 Mirai Malware Is Behind The Botnet Attack On DDOSAccording to network security companies, a malware that is somewhat responsible for the enormous distributed denial-of-service outbreak andthat can shape botnets out of IoT devices. The outbreak interrupted the US internet traffic of Friday. Access has been interrupted to popular websites by flooding a DNS service provider called Dyn with a devastating amount of internet traffic. Mirai malware is estimated to have infected 500,000 systems happens to be dispersing some of the traffic mentioned a report. Alongside the other botnets contributing to the attack about 10 percent of the Mirai infected devices were participating.


The Mirai malware’s awesome power is somewhat worrisome even though the DDOS attacks are not new to this industry. One of the largest attacks in the history refers to Brian Kerbs Cybersecurity website attack that managed to deliver 665Gbps of traffic last month. The Mirai malware targets the internet-connected devices, which have aweak default password and are easy to infect rather than completely relying on PCs.


The developer of Mirai has released the source code to the hacker community is another worrisome matter. Some of the Mirai infected devices that are involved in the attack were DVRs confirmed a Security firm Flashpoint. Though the security firm said the botnets used to take down Kreb’s website are different from the ones used in the Friday’s attack.