Mission Secure Inc. Receives Another U.S. Patent and Announces New Release, MSi Platform 4.0


Offering the only cybersecurity solution delivering visibility and protection for OT networks down to Level 0, Mission Secure counts industry-leading energy, maritime, smart city, water treatment and the U.S. military among its clientele

3-1 Mission Secure Inc. Receives Another U.S. Patent and Announces New Release, MSi Platform 4.0HOUSTON, June 27, 2019 — Mission Secure, Inc. (MSi), an industry-leading industrial control system (ICS) cybersecurity company, announced today the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office awarded another patent covering the MSi Platform for ICS cybersecurity. Also announced, Mission Secure releases new version MSi Platform 4.0 including highly-anticipated new capabilities and features. These milestones jointly mark MSi’s efforts and successes in securing today’s cyber-physical critical infrastructures from cyber threats and attacks.

Unique in an evolving market, the MSi Platform is a software-hardware solution purpose-built for the operational technology (OT) network environment. The MSi platform is the only solution on the market to offer clients visibility andprotection for Purdue Control System Model Levels 0 through 2 covering industrial control systems (e.g. SCADA/DCS, PLCs and safety systems). The latest patent covers proprietary system and techniques for cyber-physical system defense. “As recently seen with the attacks on the Iranian military systems and attempts on the U.S. critical infrastructure, attackers are targeting cyber-physical systems and critical infrastructure more frequently,” comments David Drescher, CEO of Mission Secure. “Our clients’ defenses need to be more sophisticated than the attacks. Mission Secure provides defense in depth with the patented MSi Platform. We provide OT network visibility and preventative measures, but we also give our clients a last line of defense, protecting the actual field devices controlling physical processes like temperature, pressure, flow, level and speed.”

The newly released MSi Platform 4.0 comes packed with new capabilities and features including enhanced OT asset discovery and automated network mapping. “The market and military are moving beyond passive, OT network monitoring solutions created on legacy IT tech,” states Dan Park, CTO of Mission Secure. “It’s not enough to merely detect abnormal activity at the network level. Our clients want a purpose-built OT solution, like the MSi Platform 4.0, to provide OT network visibility and protection down to Level 0, network segmentation, controller and endpoint protection, encryption and additional intrusion prevention and remediation capabilities. Furthermore, they want this from a single solution provider, which MSi offers our clients.”

Mission Secure’s patented MSi Platform provides a plug-and-play hardware-software solution that protects the world’s most critical industrial assets against cyber attacks and disruptions. From Level 0 field devices to controllers and HMIs, components are monitored from a single, easy-to-use platform.

Learn more about MSi Platform 4.0.

About Mission Secure, Inc.

Mission Secure is a leading industrial control system (ICS) cybersecurity company providing the patented MSi Platform and cyber advisory services to help protect clients in energy, defense, transportation, maritime and critical infrastructure from cyber attacks. We help clients understand their most critical OT cyber vulnerabilities through a technology-based OT cyber assessment offering. Our secure design services create a protective cyber architecture to mitigate cyber risks and the MSi Platform provides visibility and protection for our client’s important operations. The company is venture-backed by leading energy investors with offices in Charlottesville, Virginia serving the defense community, and Houston, Texas for industrial clients.