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MIT Hackathon To Revolutionize AR & VR Limits

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MIT-Hackathon-To-Revolutionize-AR-VR-Limits-300x129 MIT Hackathon To Revolutionize AR & VR LimitsTo promote new applications for AR (Augmented Reality) & VR (Virtual Reality) MIT Media Lab is backing a hackathon in MIT campus. From October 7th to 10th this year developers, designers, students from MIT and other universities, video, and audio engineers were invited to participate in the event. For good health/medicine, social networking, education, productivity, advertising, industry, and other vertical applications about which participants feel fanatical and the astonishing AR and VR advancements made and expertise gained will stretch to its limit in the Reality, Virtually, Hackathon.


The most unconventional mixing and matching of seemingly disparate research areas will be the hackathon themes which the MIT Media Lab took its own time to decide going beyond the boundaries and disciplines. They believe this can create disruptive technology at the edges. The participants from around the US will be divided into teams in order to develop the technology’s potential unlocking innovative software solutions.


This is going to be the first VR & AR hackathon this big where about 400 participants will build and learn apps with spencer provided and their own AR & VR platforms. As a warm-up workshops will be held a day before the hackathon. To help participants go through conceptual roadblocks mentors will be assigned skilled in design, AR & VR, and platforms.