Mobile Badge – a new feature – added to the Connect ONE Interface

IOT News

Connected Technologies, a Monument, Colorado-based maker of the Connect ONE Cloud-hosted security management platform, as per recent reports this week, has announced adding a new feature to its turnkey Connect ONE system interface – the Mobile Badge.

According to the company, this new feature is specially designed for schools, campuses, construction sites, clubhouses, or other locations, which have a changing, fluid population. The Mobile Badge feature, puts all the relevant credential-related information about the user on his/her phone, resembling a traditional physical badge.

The Mobile Badge feature enables instant and simple verification of the active/inactive status of the user via barcode and can also be used as a temporary badge, allowing the visitor entry only for a set duration, if necessary.

Moreover, the Mobile Badge with its unique capability to display the dealer or end user’s company logo, name, picture, custom information fields (such as student/employee identification number), along with a barcode for verification scanning, is a perfect choice for campus security teams to weed out unauthorized personnel. The badge also changes color, i.e. an easily recognizable green border indicates the user’s credentials are still active and he/she is authorized to gain entry, and a red border indicates the user’s status is inactive or have been revoked due to security reasons.

By scanning the barcode in the Mobile Badge, management can easily know the user’s status, permissions, and last activity. Also, when using the badge as a visitor pass, after a successful first scan of the badge etched barcode, the user’s credentials can be quickly removed from the database, thus saving important system management time.