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Mobile Broadcasting, VlogAnd Community Tools Announced By Twitch

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Mobile-Broadcasting-VlogAnd-Community-Tools-Announced-By-Twitch-300x129 Mobile Broadcasting, VlogAnd Community Tools Announced By TwitchWith Twitch, announcing a variety of features arriving on the streaming platform smartphones will soon be able to act as a live streaming hub. According to a new Twitch blog, post a new category of vlogs known as IRL, mobile broadcasting from phones and updated community guidelines are all set to be introduced. The Twitch mobile app will be featuring a native streaming solution for mobile devices set for next year. When a mobile rig is set to record a live stream of Pokemon Go, including IGN many others have gone to great lengths in the past to stream on mobiles. IRL (In Real Life) is another section that is nominated for vlogs and community discussion without having to play a game is also included in the changes. Both the pre-recorded vlog content and live content will allow by the stream category.

Twitch said simplified updated guidelines are about to arrive. Restriction on non-endemic content will be lifted is the major point of the guidelines. Permitting the streaming service to open up beyond gaming and allow for more streams in Music,Social Eating, Creative, and others. Users are excited to launch a new vlog series on Twitch and broadcast from their phone.