MobileHelp Smartwatch, a Boon to Wounded Warriors

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MobileHelp_Smartwatch-a-Boon-to-Wounded-Warriors MobileHelp Smartwatch, a Boon to Wounded WarriorsMobileHelp, and KORE Wireless, recently launched a Smart solution, a smartwatch based emergency response system, to aid wounded war veterans, as part of the Warrior Care Network. According to Rob Flippo, MobileHelp’s CEO, the company has been in the field of providing technology-optimized care for vulnerable individuals, such as the elderly, since 2009. The company’s first products came equipped with cellular and GPS functionality, which were designed for vulnerable individuals to provide them with mobility and safety. Adding further he said that an individual, who is wearing the MobileHelp product, suddenly had some kind of emergency, such as a fall, in such situations all he or she should do is, press a button. The product would transmit its GPS location data to the nearest MobileHelp call center, and help will be on the way.

The company, with the help of Samsung, developed a solution using the LGA form factor for wearable devices, with long-term evolution (LTE) cellular connectivity. Adding further, Flippo stated that veterans hate wearing the same kind of device an elderly patient might wear, and are often reluctant, owing to their active regime. Thus, keeping this discreet requirement in mind, the company approached Samsung. With the MobileHelp Smartwatch, wounded warriors and other users, get direct access to a crisis-management hotline. With an emergency button, users simply are routed to an operator.