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Monarch 13.5 From Datawatch Was Announced

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Monarch-13-300x129 Monarch 13.5 From Datawatch Was AnnouncedAdvanced data preparation, new export integrations, and expanded data sources options provide unmatched usability and competence for even more use case. The latest edition of the company’s self-service data preparation solution, Datawatch Monarch 13.5 was immediately made available by the Datawatch Corporation. The Monarch is empowering data analysts and business owners to overcome traditional data access and enabling them rapidly and easily mine data from virtually any source. They can then blend, enrich, manipulate and prepare the data for use in the analytics tool.


It is crucial to get a holistic view of the business as the users can access all the data not only the right data fast. Performing analysis that yields actionable business insights can be given more time. Datawatch has boosted Monarch to provide faster and superior data preparation.


The version 13.5 with intention of user productivity and efficiency provides the users the skill to Access Google Analytics as a Data Source, Instantaneously Work with Very Large Data Sets, Incorporate with Microsoft Power BI, Enjoy Instinctive Salesforce.com Import Proficiencies, Create Shared Data Source Libraries, Become an Immediate Data Preparation Expert and Use Advanced Data Preparation Operations. The overall peer insight rating of 5 out of 5 was achieved by the Datawatch Monarch.