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More Than $250 Million To Be Invested On Autonomous Cars By Intel

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More-Than-250-Million-To-Be-Invested-On-Autonomous-Cars-By-Intel-300x129 More Than $250 Million To Be Invested On Autonomous Cars By IntelIn order to drive the development of autonomous driving technology, Intel Capital, the investment arm from Intel is planning on investing more than $250 million of additional new capital over a coming couple of years. At the LA Auto Show’s AutoMobilityconference, Brian Krzanich emphasized on thecriticality of the automobile market to the company in a keynote speech. On Tuesday, the company has showcased their automated driving technology. The company mentioned in a statement that development of technologies that impulse the limitations on next-gen communication, deep learning, safety, connectivity, content awareness and more will be driven by these investments. Krzanich added the automotive industry is on the edge of a transformation, which will require an exceptional level of computing connectivity and intelligence. In the autonomous driving technology Intel’s role, involve the processors in a verity of sensors, LiDAR, SONAR and cameras incorporated into the vehicle and the computers within the vehicles processing data from sensors.


Intel has collaborated with autonomous technology manufacturers, such ascarmakers such as BMW, vehicle camera company Mobileye in order to yield fully-autonomous vehicles by 2021. With over 4TB of data generated in one day from a single car, there is a need for the auto industry to be equipped for the data surge.