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Moto Phones To Come With Alexa Integrated

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Moto-Phones-To-Come-With-Alexa-Integrated-300x129 Moto Phones To Come With Alexa IntegratedAmazon’s voice assistant Alexa is to be incorporated into the range of Motorola phones from Lenovo. Lenovo in this process is looking forward to disposing of the Google’s voice assistant service as well. The new partners are now working on a Moto Z type mod of the Alexa and later the voice assistant will be directly into the other range of Moto phones. Just like Project Ara, in Moto Z various modular parts can be attached such as projectors and speakers to boost the functionality of the smartphone. A picture of the product was shown during a conference where the company announced them. The product appears to be a speaker that will latch to the handset, however, the details of the mod was not yet been provided. The mod resembles Amazon’s, Echo Dot. The final product which will be different from the conceptual image shown at the conference will be shipped later this year mentioned a spokesperson in a comment.


Users of the Moto Z mod will be able to manage the smartphone and request cabs. The Alexa will also assist the users in various other tasks like NEWS request weather updates etc. on a later model of the Alexa, Mod users can go hands-free to manage their smartphones. However, the ability of Alexa to listen always has been a privacy concern for many and it is expected to persist.