Moto Z series smartphones to have Modular capabilities

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Moto-Z-series-smartphones-to-have-Modular-capabilities-300x129 Moto Z series smartphones to have Modular capabilitiesAfter the success of Motorola’s E series, G series, X series smartphones now the company is launching a new series of smartphones. The Z series smartphones are faster, thinner and not to mention the most amazing feature, Modular capabilities.

Moto Z offers Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor, 4GB of RAM, 5.5-inchQHD Display, a 13 MP primary and 5 MP secondary camera with lightning fast charging. And all this in a 5.2 mm thick chassis.The more expensive Moto Z Force is equipped with Motorola’sShatter-shield technology that will protect your phone even when dropped face-down on hard surfaces. The devices will run Android M 6.0.1 with a fingerprint scanner and USB Type-C port. Along with that, the Z Force has the option of Moto X’s customization feature.

Many Smartphones in the market will also have similar features, but the real selling point of Moto Z series is the Moto Mods. A projector called Instashare and a Speaker from JBL are available as of now. These Mods can be connected through a 16 pin connector at the back. Style shells will be available in a different look and feel.

The Z series will be available globally towards the end of Q3. In the US though the smartphones will be available from this summer as Moto Z Droid and Moto Z Force Droid on carrier partner Verizon Wireless.

Although there are only two modules available now, but possibilities are endless. Imagine a high-resolution camera unit, huge battery pack, a laptop dock etc.