Movandi to use LitePoint’s 5G mmWave Test System

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Movandi-to-use-LitePoint’s-5G-mmWave-Test-System Movandi to use LitePoint’s 5G mmWave Test SystemLitePoint, a Sunnyvale, California-based leading provider of wireless test solutions, in a recent press release statement, announced that Movandi, a California-based venture-backed network startup, will be extensively using its IQgig-5G mmWave (Millimeter Wave) test system for design validation and production of Movandi’s new 5G BeamX system solutions. Bringing these two organizations, a 5G technology solution developer and a wireless testing company, together will rapidly accelerate the manufacturing product ramps of 5G solutions, and reduce the lengthy test development and debugging cycles.

According to Maryam Rofougaran, Co-CEO and COO, Movandi, the company by providing the complete 5G enablement system, is revolutionizing the mmWave 5G networks. Movandi’s system solutions, offering the best performance and flexibility, ensure the real-world deployment of 5G technology on a much broader base, successfully. With LitePoint’s 5G mmWave testing technology, the company will be able to meet its aggressive time to market and production goals to its early stage customers.

High-quality network equipment and connections play an important role in 5G mmWave networks, owing to the mission-critical nature and high data rates of the networks. LitePoint’s IQgig-5G single enclosure design keeps the mmWave test functionality in a single enclosure, also the design makes it easy to program the system with integrated signal generation and analysis capability.

According to Adam Smith, Director, Product Marketing, LitePoint, the IQgig-5G virtually eliminates over-the-air mmWave testing complexities, offering the simplest possible solution for design verification and production testing of 5G mmWave products as all the required hardware is self-contained in a single enclosure.