Moxa to tackle security in Industrial IoT environments

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Moxa_to_tackle_security_in_Industrial_IoT_environments Moxa to tackle security in Industrial IoT environmentsMoxa Inc., a provider of industrial communications and networking, and Trend Micro Incorporated, a global cybersecurity company, have both recently executed a letter of intent relating to the formation of a joint-venture corporation-TXOne Networks. The new venture will focus on the security needs present in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) environments, including smart city, smart manufacturing, smart energy and more.

Typically, information technology (IT) and operations technology (OT) have operated within industrial organizations as independent and isolated networks with different objectives, teams, and requirements. Organizations are teeming with machinery and devices that were not originally designed for connectivity to the corporate network, which means they often either lack the ability to be easily updated or patched for security measures.

There is a critical need to secure these devices, provide a holistic view across the broadening attack surface within enterprises and to identify clear ongoing ownership.

TXOne Networks integrates these strengths and responds to the growing security needs of the industry, such as smart factories that require a unified solution for delivering deeper visibility into both protocols and devices. These complex environments are made up of multiple layers requiring protection that sits in and between IT and OT. The responsibility for the security of these combined layers is still typically unclear.

TXOne Networks will build endpoint agents, security gateways, and network segmentation to secure, control, and provide visibility of operational technology (OT) and equipment. Unlike some solutions focused solely on protecting assets nearest to the IT layer via detection, TXOne Networks has expertise closest to the OT layer and will provide proactive, easily, and timely implemented solutions to secure the industrial control systems (ICS) world. In addition to investing dedicated headcount, intellectual capital, and funds, each parent company lends complementary channel expertise.