MSA & Spectrum Gaming Group: Spectrumetrix™ to offer US Sports Betting Revenue Analysis

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MSA-Spectrum-Gaming-Group-Spectrumetrix-to-offer-US-Sports-Betting-Revenue-Analysis MSA & Spectrum Gaming Group: Spectrumetrix™ to offer US Sports Betting Revenue AnalysisIn a recent press release statement on Tuesday, 5th Mar. 2019, Spectrum Gaming Group and Management Science Associates (MSA) have announced that Spectrumetrix premium data service will now offer a vital new report: the US Betting Revenue Analysis.

According to Steve Gongaware, MSA Sr. VP of Business Development, with the sports betting industry on a constant rise, and legalizing of sports betting in 8 states in the US in the last nine months, the demand for premium betting revenue analysis report is paramount.

The service, which has already evolved into North America’s leading gaming analytical tool, is helping all majority players from operators, regulators, investors, and suppliers have a better understanding, with vast amounts of data being generated by legal wagering. The Spectrumetrix US Sports Betting Revenue Analysis report with its in-depth and timely detailed data market-by-market offering, which includes information like the win, hold, state per-capita handle, online vs. on-premise breakouts, results segmented down by sport, number of bets, fair share analysis, and state tax rates. Furthermore, with this in-depth and detailed analysis, customers can get key insights on tax rate impact on sports book handle and tax receipts, getting a fair share of handle in the market, and the growth potential for sports book handle in a specific state/market.