Murphy From Microsoft Launched To Train Future AI

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Murphy-from-Microsoft-launched-to-train-future-AI-300x129 Murphy From Microsoft Launched To Train Future AIThe teen chatbot Tay that went from girl next door to ambitious Klansman in a matter of 24 hours. Well if you remember that then you will feel Microsoft Murphy bot is even worse. Where Tay lacked is they started up with not capable of managing a real conversation and high hope. On the other hand, the Microsoft’s Murphy Bot show you images instead of trying for a real conversation. He is like a friend of yours who just can’t stop sending you image no matter you like or not.


For instance, an image of Donald Trump overlapped onto an image of ol’ Honest Abe was displayed while a simple enough question was asked. Murphy bot has only one trick upon its sleeves.


Though the bot from Microsoft is useless the AI behind it was quite impressive. Searching and matching two images in seconds in no child’s play. Running on Microsoft Azure and with the backup from Bing and Microsoft cognitive service Murphy has a powerful Ai and practical utility.


Well, Microsoft mentioned in the about page of Murphy that this is a part of training Ai and became something big in future and not make it useful now.