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MySQL 8.0 Announced

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MySQL-8-300x129 MySQL 8.0 AnnouncedThe open source MySQL database development team allowed a peek into the upcoming product. MySQL 8.0.0’s Development Milestone Release (DMR) has been announced by the MySQL developers in a Blog post outlining the most significant changes including some problems harassing the MySQL for ages. Why 8 you ask while the running version is 5? That is because version 6.0 was preserved as part of the changeover to “more frequent and timely releases of the MySQL Server” and Version 7 for the clustering version of MySQL. That being said for common use case version of MySQL version 8 is the next in line.


As described in the blog post of MySQL team, ‘to improve our UTF support is the bigger effort’ is most likely to win admirer setting nomenclature aside. Text handling, collations, full-text searching and a few other associated MySQL issues have curtailed from the programs inheritance method. Instead of Latin1, UTF8MB4 will be the default set of characters from 8.0 onwards. The majority of MySQL user’s lives will be much easier as UTF8 is the ruling character encoding for the web. The MySQL team also said they will add the accent and case sensitive collation provided the time permits.