NASA and SpaceX establishes the plans for final operations of Launch day

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NASA-and-SpaceX-establishes-the-plans-for-final-operations-of-Launch-day-300x184 NASA and SpaceX establishes the plans for final operations of Launch daySpaceX and NASA’s Commercial Crew Program are finalizing their plans for launch day operations as they prepare for the company’s first flight test that employs astronauts in it. Now the teams are working on crew test flight to the International Space Station that is known as Demo-2 where two astronauts from NASA named Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley make their journey in April 2019. In regards to this mission, the SpaceX and NASA will continue to complete and review analyses and tests for the perfect launch.

NASA pushed a step forward with SpaceX’s plan to fuel the rocket after the astronauts take their seating’s in the launch vehicle. SpaceX is undergoing different types of tests where it must qualify and set for the components of the Falcon 9 rocket. NASA teams will have a keen observation on all these tests of the SpaceX launch system and also continue to conduct independent analysis and testing to ensure that all the risks that launch vehicle face gets vanished.

Kathy Lueders, manager of NASA’s Commercial Crew Program said that Our scientific teams gone through extensive reviews on launch vehicle design, escape systems, and operational history and we ensure “Safety for our personnel was the driver for this analysis, and the team’s assessment is to eliminate all the risk going factors.”
The teams will also work on additional verification mechanism that involves the activities five crew loading demonstrations of the Falcon 9 Block 5 and certify the plan and if everything is fine as per the plan on launch day creates a great success.

She concluded the statement mentioning that SpaceX launch controllers will begin loading rocket grade kerosene and densified liquid oxygen approximately 35 minutes before launch and countdown and launch preparations can be braked any time before the launch time if any unexpected faults arise.