NationalLink turns to Fiserv for Smart Safe Technology Support


NationalLink-turns-to-Fiserv-for-Smart-Safe-Technology-Support NationalLink turns to Fiserv for Smart Safe Technology SupportNationalLink, a Glendora, California-based leading ATM solutions provider, as per recent reports, has chosen Fiserv, a Brookfield, Wisconsin-based financial services technology provider, for its CorPoint complete supply chain cash management solution to help with the use of smart safes.

Smart safes offer advanced technology features, that enables automated cash management within a busy retail environment, offering accounting and validation support for in-store cash payments, and typically comply only with proprietary cash management software of the respective manufacturers. But Fiserv’s CorPoint solution is apt at accepting smart safe data from any respective manufacturer, furthermore, it can also consolidate data from different smart safes from different manufacturers into an all-encompassing cash status view.

Additionally, CorPoint also offers real-time audit-level views of cash deposits, balances, and pickups. The platform enables users to aggregate and segment data by factors like cashier, denomination, and location, which means the users get the ability to access smart safe data, regardless of location.

According to Shawn Holtzclaw, SVP and GM for fraud, risk, and compliance at Fiserv, still cash is the preferred payment option for many consumers, but cash is pretty much a labor-intensive task for management, from merchants’ point of view. Merchants are on an active lookout for ways that can improve their cash management efficiency, and NationalLink, with its single platform that provides a holistic, hardware-agnostic view of smart safe transactions, is apt at meeting their demands.