Nervana Integration Will Help Intel Build Its AI Portfolio

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Nervana-integration-will-help-Intel-build-its-AI-portfolio-300x129 Nervana Integration Will Help Intel Build Its AI PortfolioIn the burning hot market of artificial intelligence, Intel is yet to cover the distance and the acquisition of Nervana the deep-learning startup will help in just that. The deep-learning platform optimized from algorithm down to silicon in order to solve machine learning problems is hosted by the startup Nervana which was founded in 2014.


Applications that make use of deep-learning can be built and deployed using the Nervana cloud services. Also for the cherry on top Intel is developing a specialty processor known as ASIC which is been custom build for deep-learning. The best-expected estimate is around $350 million. Diane Bryant head of Intel’s data center group mentioned in a comment that they will be applying software expertise of the Nervana. The expertise of Nervana will help Intel develop its Ai portfolio and also deep-learning performance. The TCO of the Intel Xeon and Xeon Phi will also be benefited.


Intel has acquired the AI firm Saffron later last year but the real AI portfolio of the company will initiate with the acquisition of the Nervana. AI startups are recently the hottest acquisition targets for instance Apple acquisition of the Seattle-based firm Turi. Naveen Rao Co-Founder and CEO of Nervana said they will continue to work outside of San Diego headquarters as of now.