Nevada-based Filament, announces new “Blocklet Foundation Kit” for IoT Developers

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Filament-announces-new-“Blocklet-Foundation-Kit”-for-IoT-Developers Nevada-based Filament, announces new “Blocklet Foundation Kit” for IoT DevelopersFilament, a Reno, Nevada-based comprehensive enterprise blockchain solutions provider for the Internet of Things (IoT), in a recent press release statement on Monday, Apr. 1st 2019, announced the launch of its new Blocklet Foundation Kit. The blockchain development kit, which is specially crafted for embedded connected IoT hardware developers, provides the users with a hands-on experience of Filament’s Blocklet technology, enabling them to generate IoT blockchain transactions on-device and demonstrate smart contract functionality.

Frank Friesacher, executive vice president, product, Filament, said: “We are the only company to provide embedded technology for blockchain transactions starting with the origination of data, at the edge”. Adding further Frank said, “This new kit gives embedded developers hands-on experience to evaluate and demonstrate how IoT devices and sensors at the edge can integrate and securely transact in a blockchain without incurring the infrastructure overhead typically found in today’s IoT and blockchain deployments. With the increasing interest in enterprise blockchain solutions, we created this as a clear pathway to proof of concept and pilot projects that lay the foundation for successful production deployments.”

The kit, with its comprehensive and preconfigured Blocklet-enabled hardware, software, and resources, can be used for online and offline demonstration of smart contracts and machine-to-machine (M2M) transactions between devices on a distributed blockchain ledger using Filament’s Blocklet technology.

“Filament has been an exceptional resource in our exploration of blockchain technology and the proof of concept projects we have been conducting with our partners,” commented Frank E. Oriold, executive vice president, operations and business development, Kleinschmidt Inc. “Blocklet’s unique capabilities and how they might be leveraged in the supply chain/logistics space were immediately apparent to us. Filament’s flexibility in working with our team to create solutions that fit within our environment makes them stand out as a provider.”