New AI is launched by Microsoft for Customer Service and sales Applications

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New_AI_is_launched_by_Microsoft_for_Customer_Service_and_sales_Applications-300x158 New AI is launched by Microsoft for Customer Service and sales ApplicationsMicrosoft is seriously planning on a mission to bring machine learning to all of its applications like that of other tech companies who had already implemented AI. It brings ‘AI’ to its highly profitable Dynamics 365 CRM products that were introduced a year ago and today it’s expanding this project with the launch of three new products with representation to Dynamics 365, that is likely to be:
• AI for Sales
• Customer Service
• Market Insights.

Alysa Taylor, Microsoft corporate VP for business applications and industry said that, “Many people referred to systems of oppression when they talk about CRM, or ERP of old that didn’t provide any value back to the user end” Microsoft hopes that by the implementation of AI, Customer Service app mainly focuses on using natural language adoption to understand and solve customer service problems that eventually lead for virtual agents to lower costs.

Finally, AI for Market Insights does the work on Dynamics 365 that provides teams with data about social sentiment. “This allows the organizations to entitle the vast amounts of social sentiment to analyze it, and then take action based on brand loyalty, as well as understand the events that will help to provide different brand affinities across an organization.