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New Render For Google Map Announced

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New-Render-For-Google-Map-Announced-300x129 New Render For Google Map AnnouncedGoogle has incorporated a new rendering engine for the Google maps in order for a smoother Street View experience. Planning navigating ahead and looking up at buildings whatever you do while exploring the world the new rendering engine should translate to a noticeable smoother experience.  The strutting animation in the street view, wobbly buildings and the lag effect between the locations all should be gone after the update from today. Touch support, realistic streetscapes and motion tracking like features are also added in the mobile browser.


Better object modeling in street view is also enabled while looking at buildings at certain perspective it will be prominent. The new renderer build a 360 degree model of the buildings to make them look real unlike the previous renderer which shows pixelated and broken edges in some building. The navigation controls in the street view for desktops has also been given a facelift. Because of the new renderer now while moving around the map it will feel like gliding rather than hopping around.


The new renderer uses a WebGL (Web Graphics Library) which brings the most of the changes including no more curvy fish-eye images. The developers can use the new renderer Google Map JavaScript API that the company has rolled out.