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New Samsung Phones Rumored

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New-Samsung-Phones-Rumored-300x129 New Samsung Phones RumoredFor the upcoming S8 lineup, Samsung is reportedly building a dual edge screen bigger size (around 6-inches) phone. A report mentioned one model to be 6.2-inches and the other to be 5.7-inches. The company is planning to ditch its iconic home button and add on screen buttons instead of in the bigger screen size model to be called S8 Plus. The new models from Samsung will be skipping the SM-94X nomenclature and will be named SM-950 and SM-955 instead. It is expected that the Galaxy S8 might be the successor to the Note 7 as the SM-9XX series of nomenclature are used for the Note series phones. The company is planning to announce the flagship phones at the Mobile World Congress (MWC). As the Mobile World Congress get closer there are supposed to be more rumors.


This plan is a retreat from the S7 lineup that comprises an S7 at the 5.1-inch model and the S7 Edge at 5.5 inches. The company does aware of the fact that they have blown it big time with the Note 7. The current appears to be diverting from the Note name, as it seems to be too much damaged to sell another model because of the Note 7 fiasco.