New StarlingX Edge Computing Project Is Important for IaaS, OpenStack

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New-_StarlingX_-Edge_-Computing_-Project-_Is-_Important_-for_-IaaS_-OpenStack-300x150 New StarlingX Edge Computing Project Is Important for IaaS, OpenStackThe OpenStack Foundation has launched yet another independent open source project besides buying Dome9. The project is named as the StarlingX project which will be seen focusing on edge computing.

StarlingX is directly under OpenStack foundation and is an independent project of the company. it will be using a number of OpenStack services which will provide core computing, storage, and networking functionality. StarlingX is actually based on these core OpenStack services, and way beyond as well, adding in other kinds of services ultimately to deliver an edge to the cloud.

A year ago the company has noticed that its community has expanded way beyond OpenStack deployments in enterprise data centers, and they needed to make this supportive by growing new technologies with an edge, NFV, containers, and machine learning in the existing community itself, explains Jonathan Bryce, executive director of the OpenStack Foundation.

With a bunch of projects already in the company’s hands, working on edge computing will be challenging. Ildiko Vansca, ecosystem technical lead with the OpenStack Foundation expressed that approximately 25 edge projects with Akraino Edge Stack, Open Edge, Deutsche Telecom’s MobiledgeX, and the Central Office Re-Architected as a Data Center (CORD) projects, are focused towards the edge. And there is ETSI MEC also working on standardization.