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New Threats Of Cybersecurity Explained

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New-Threats-Of-Cybersecurity-Explained-300x129 New Threats Of Cybersecurity ExplainedThe terms like Internet of Things and implication of Cyber Security are on the hate list of Shawn Henry, president of CrowdStrike and former assistant director at the FBI. The companies are focusing on functionality and building capabilities but certainly neglecting security. The concept is important because of the expansion of the target areas. On his radar, the proliferation of new data sources is not the only cybersecurity threat. Sophisticated and Advanced Adversaries: Tales from the Trenches is the keynote speech from Henry that kick started Day 2 of ALM CyberSecure.


Many company IT strategies do not have an actual clue about the intentions of the hackers, while the first step in the cyber security response is precisely judging the threat explained Henry. This goes so far further than that, and what we’re experiencing now, to some of these corporations this is an existential threat.” Many businesses feel they won’t be under attack as they don’t hold “valuable information Henry said. However, this concept is wrong and everybody has something of value.


It is a very serious issue while we are talking about current attacks. The recent data breaches have one common issue, security failure. Current defense system focuses on the malware part of the attack, while that occurs only 40 percent of the times. Henry talked about four different types of attack in his speech.


Organized Crime: People who are targeting the specific companies and know their plan is not a child’s play.

Hacktivists: Because of some political or social agenda, some groups are targeting particular organizations.

Nation-states: Some of the things that they’re doing, here on we’re seeing some new changes here. Their ability to move their possessions to answer to geopolitical issues is somewhat astonishing.


Terrorist Organizations: This can be just another tool in the arsenal for groups looking to influence the West because people do perhaps not give them enough attention.