New Windows Setting Restrict Third-Party Software Installation

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New-Windows-Setting-Restrict-Third-Party-Software-Installation-300x129 New Windows Setting Restrict Third-Party Software InstallationA new Windows 10 setting has been added by Microsoft that will restrict users to install new software which is not hosted on the Windows server. Windows 10 insider, the program where users can take a peek at the latest features of the operating system is where the option first debuted. The option at its most strict setting will not allow users to install any win32 program that is not installed on the Windows server. Other settings permit software installation from other sources, while allowing that, put a preference on those from the Windows Store. In the next Microsoft’s feature upgrade named ‘Creators Update’ is where non-insider users can find the option. The Creators Update is scheduled to launch in the month of March or April. ‘Cloud’ is another form of settings appeared on the installing origin settings, which will run apps only from the UWP (Universal Windows Platform).


The company hasn’t confirmed the reports of Windows 10 cloud neither did the company confirm the purpose of the new settings. However, the device is showed as safe and reliable when the options are enabled. Microsoft, when asked about the reason behind the new installation restriction, said the same old stock statement.