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Newsroom App Launched By Yahoo

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Newsroom-App-Launched-By-Yahoo-300x129 Newsroom App Launched By YahooYahoo has just launched a new product in the form of a news app dubbed Yahoo Newsroom despite its core business is in the process of being acquired by Verizon and the company is still recovering from a massive data hack in 2014.


The old Yahoo app which was simply called ‘Yahoo’ was upgraded to result in the new Newsroom app. The app promises to get the best news for you from across the web with no clutter from other feeds. To keep that promise the app incorporate the algorithms to deliver personalized news. However, the company also said that users could share the views with the 300 million other users who visit the site to get informed and share the news. As the company calls them, ‘Vibes’ are nothing other than categories but there are quite a few to explore, though. The feed will adjust its contents accordingly as you keep following more and more vibes and the more stories you engage yourself.


Users can help shape discussions about the news by sharing their responses about what you read in the app. You can also post stories from somewhere else on the web into appropriate Vibes to initiate debates. The app is available on the App Store for free and is supported by iOS 9.0 and above.