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Next Generation Data Warehouse Developed By SAP Part-I

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Next-Generation-Data-Warehouse-Developed-By-SAP-Part-I-300x129 Next Generation Data Warehouse Developed By SAP Part-ISAP uncovered SAP BW/4HANA its next generation data warehousing product for the real-time digital enterprise with a target on the real-time analytics. Neil McGovern, senior director, Product Marketing, SAP Data Warehousing said in a statement with availability at SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud and Amazon Web Service the BW/4HANA will also support on-premises deployments. He added that now their customers have an option HANA Enterprise Solution is a PaaS (Platform as a Service) whereas with AWS’s IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) they can deliver very rapidly and economically. Its availability in other cloud environments can be expected as well.


Logical data warehousing which delivers interactivity with live and chronological data regardless its presence (inside or outside of the organization) is the new foundation that SAP envisions. The company explains the future of next-generation data warehousing to meaningfully diminish repetition and data movement whether in legacy systems inside or outside the enterprise or data lakes influencing SAP’s in-memory queue engine, HANA Vora.


Data collected from Internet of Things environments such as time-series sensor data and live-streaming can be incorporated into the next-generation data warehousing. With the capability to move data automatically between stores depending on the criteria like key value or age of data, it also offers sophisticated compression and data temperature management (cold, warm or hot).