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Next Generation Of In-Memory Solutions To Be Developed By SAP And Samsung

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Next-Generation-Of-In-Memory-Solutions-To-Be-Developed-By-SAP-And-Samsung-300x129 Next Generation Of In-Memory Solutions To Be Developed By SAP And SamsungSAP and Samsung Electronics are going to work together in order to develop in-memory platforms, which will substantially improve computing for the next generation the companies have announced. The main memory of the device that is responsible for processing the CPU information will be able to save a massive amount of data due to the in-memory database. At Samsung’s Hwaseong Campus, a joint research center has been set up by the organizations. Hwaseong Campus is where the semiconductor and device solution labs exist. The operation will start from next month.


Extensive test runs of the SAP HANA and review of Samsung’s memory solutions and optimized solutions will be provided to the customers at the center said both the organizations. A 24-terabyte in-memory platform based on Samsung’s 128GB DDR4 3DS (Three-Dimensionally Stacked) DRAM modules, which are made from 20nm process, is used by the server systems at the center. To further enhance the systems the companies announced nest year 256GB 3DS DRAM will be incorporated into the systems. In order to provide a high return on the investment rates, the energy efficiency and performance will be increased mentioned the companies in a statement.


Using the SAP HANA platform the companies will be developing next generation of in-memory solutions for their customers.