Next iPhone is expected to be Artificially Intelligent

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Next-iPhone-is-expected-to-be-Artificially-Intelligent-300x200 Next iPhone is expected to be Artificially IntelligentApple the IT giant famous for its iPhone, iPad, laptops and iMacs is now integrating Deep Neural networks into its smartphones. “The next iPhone will be better at guessing what you want to type before you actually type it”, said technologist at Apple. The Long Short Term Memory a.k.a LSTM that apple use can now remember the beginning of a conversation as it will be grasping the end of it. This is possible due to the deep neural networks that Apple is deploying. Even Google uses something similar known as Smart Reply which suggests reply to e-mail messages.

Apple introduced an API named NetworkSubroutines, that 3rd party coders to use similar neural networks for a wide range of Apple OS including iOS, OS X, tvOS and watch OS. Chris Nicholson, CEO and founder of deep learning startup Skymind said, “They are making it as easy as possible for the developers to add Neural Networks to their apps.”

Neural nets are mostly installed on servers and deliver theresult to the other side of the internet. So it is uncertain how the neural networks will run on small devices from Apple.The API apple introduced can execute neural network once it is trained. Apple doesn’t provide the training process where it learns to analyze data. Apple is implementing what Google and IBM experimented earlier.