Nike’s Smart Sneakers App –Nike Adapt, Buggy

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Nike’s-Smart-Sneakers-App-–Nike-Adapt-Buggy Nike’s Smart Sneakers App –Nike Adapt, BuggyNike’s expensive Adapt smart sneakers, which sent ripples across the whole sports industry, seem to have difficulty connecting with the accompanying Nike Adapt Android app. Nike, a tycoon in the sportswear arena, revealed its self-lacing BB (basketball) shoes, earlier this year on Jan. 15th 2019. The sportswear giant, then announced that the Adapt BB will be launched on Feb. 17th, 2019, at a price of $350. The company also announced an accompanying Android & iOS app, that can be downloaded by smartphone users to control the new Adapt BB shoes.

The company also claims that the new Adapt BB sneakers, which are primarily designed for basketball players, can auto adjust themselves based on the change in wearer’s foot shape while they exercise or play. Nike also added a set of lights, to add that extra bling to these sneakers, which can even be customized based on wearer’s taste. The shoes are powered by an included Qi wireless charging mat and the whole setup supports app controllability.

But a quick glance at the Nike Adapt play store page, will let anyone know that the app is full of bugs, with multiple buyers reporting connectivity issues, such as either left shoe, or the right, or in some occasions, even both, were unable to connect to the Android app. Downloading the update fails, and most of the new buyers claimed that their shoes have been “bricked”.

These issues aren’t something expected from a fashion-conscious company like Nike.