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Node.Js Framework For Universal JavaScript Apps

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Node-300x129 Node.Js Framework For Universal JavaScript AppsThe JavaScript app Next.js framework for server-rendered “universal” is going open source. Next.js is a minimalistic framework for server-rendered React applications that is built on top of the web pack module bundler, React JavaScript library, and Babel JavaScript Compiler. It is installed via npm and offered by development tool builder Zeit. Next’s developers said we fashioned Next.js because we consider universal isomorphic applications are a vast part of the future of the web. The vision of the universal JavaScript app has been pursuing for many years. Developers said, by enabling code sharing between server and client Node.Js led the way broadening the contribution surface for the developers around the world.


To develop websites and apps on node many attempts are been made. The technical divide between the back end and front end remain though many frameworks and template languages have come along. If developers, for instance, used Express and Jade, some HTML would be rendered by the server while a different code base powered by jQuery. The render function returns the UI representation based on data available at that point in time is a model offered by the React. Better JSX, pluggable renderers, custom Babel and web pack configuration are on the list of future plans for the Next.js call for support.