Nokia in Partnership with Infosys for Enterprise Digitization

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Nokia-_in_-Partnership-_with-_Infosys_-for_-Enterprise_-Digitization Nokia in Partnership with Infosys for Enterprise DigitizationNokia has latest announced its partnership with India-based consulting firm Infosys. This deal will emphasize on digital transformation platform at enterprise customer level. It seems that also Infosys has signed a 2.3 billion dollar worth equipment contract with a trio of Chinese operators parallelly.

Deal with Infosys will witness Nokia providing its technology, media, and services to the vendor including mobile broadband and IoT networks while Infosys will be leveraging its engineering and operations management platforms. This combination will open gates for artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, optimized management, and network connectivity.The main target verticals are transportation, energy, manufacturing, media, entertainment, and education. Initially, this offering will provide digital asset management for the first three. Nokia has come out saying that this partnership will help expand their focus outside their traditional telecom space.

Last month there was an announcement by Nokia CEO Rajeev Suri that the company was cutting thousands of jobs to reduce nearly 800 million dollar major costs by 2020. This will entail across all of their offices globally in order to incur 1.02 billion dollars in costs from the workforce reduction. Apart from this Nokia is planning to add more automation to its systems, simplify some of its processes, and significantly reducing its support functions. It will also be seen prioritizing its research and development to stop investing in legacy products in future.