Northwestern Launches Artificial Intelligence Tool to Help Medical Assistants Conduct Sonograms

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Northwestern_Launches_Artificial_Intelligence_Tool_to_Help_Medical_Assistants_Conduct_Sonograms Northwestern Launches Artificial Intelligence Tool to Help Medical Assistants Conduct SonogramsNorthwestern Medicine, the collaboration of Northwestern Memorial HealthCare and Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine in Chicago has enrolled its first patient in a clinical trial investigating how well a set of Artificial Intelligence tools can help detect heart disease in the primary care setting.

The study, propelled in partnership with medical technology vendor Bay Labs, will review one of the company’s investigational AI tools that can help certified medical assistants perform high-quality echocardiograms, or sonograms of the heart, even if they don’t have prior scanning experience. The tool, EchoGPS, is cardiac ultrasound guidance software that walks certified medical assistants through how to detain echocardiograms in real-time. It pairs with another tool, EchoMD, which uses AI to help cardiologists interpret those images to spot heart disease among patients 65 years and older. Overall, the study will enroll an estimated 1,200 patients at Northwestern Medicine’s primary care sites. Researchers in the study will weigh up whether the tools enable detection of more patients with heart disease in the primary care setting, analyzed to standard physical exams with electrocardiograms.

The study is part of Bay Labs’ ongoing partnership with Northwestern Medicine, exploring a variety of ways to implement AI to cardiovascular care. It also falls under the umbrella of Northwestern Medicine’s larger cardiovascular AI program, in which the health system revealed plans for in June.