NOS deploys TEOCO’s Mentor with CogniSense to deliver Enhanced Network & Data Analytics Capabilities

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NOS-deploys-TEOCOs-Mentor-with-CogniSense-to-deliver-Enhanced-Network-Data-Analytics-Capabilities NOS deploys TEOCO's Mentor with CogniSense to deliver Enhanced Network & Data Analytics CapabilitiesTEOCO, a Fairfax, Virginia-based telecom software company, in a recent press release statement, on Monday, Feb. 25th 2019, announced that NOS, a Portuguese media company, will be deploying TEOCO’s Mentor (RAN Optimization & Analytics) with CogniSense (Geo-Analytics) to improve its network’s performance and provide better analytics.

TEOCO’s product “Mentor”, is a multi-technology RAN optimization and analytics solution, which leverages network measurements and geolocation algorithms to deliver advanced network optimization and troubleshooting. With Mentor, users get the ability to monitor and optimize performance and venture deep into an elaborate troubleshooting & subscriber experience visualization in multiple technologies, vendors and layers networks.

On the other hand, TEOCO’s “CogniSense”, is a business intelligence solution that provides the much needed actionable data insights into network performance, subscriber, and device, built on geo-location data and advanced data analytics, including the analysis of roaming customers, user behavior, and historical trends of faults and key performance indicators (KPIs).

With TEOCO’s Mentor and CogniSense product offering, NOS will be able to transform their network operations. Furthermore, issues like problem detection, root cause analysis, and optimization will be automated, pinpointing the issues accurately to the individual cell, giving an insight into the multi-dimensional view of the network in terms of elements, handsets, user-centric performance, hotspots, etc.

According to Jorge Graça, CTIO, NOS, working with TEOCO, NOS can now build an ecosystem of tools that will help them to constantly improve their network, from planning through to optimization and identifying new value creation streams. Addition of Mentor with CogniSense will further reinforce the mobile network data insights, enhancing the accuracy of the information, to build the framework for mobile optimization automation.