Now Robots Can Be Controlled Using Smartphones

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Now-Robots-Can-Be-Controlled-Using-Smartphones-300x129 Now Robots Can Be Controlled Using SmartphonesWhat if I say along with the conventional tasks like calls, e-mails and messaging etc. you can also control your robots with your Smartphone. A cloud-based proof of concept software architecture for CARL (Cloud-based Advanced Robotics Laboratory) has been demonstrated by the researchers at the University of Texas.


In hospitals, surgeons are getting aid from robotic assistants. The effort to manage the movements of robots through a mobile device is in progress. ‘Dreamer’ a humanoid robot is used by the researchers to demonstrate the system practicality and ease of use.


A report mentioned the CARL has many future areas of work. The current UI is a concept and integration of 3-D point cloud sensors and user-interface devices it can be enhanced. To achieve a shared objective multiple operators can operate multiple aspects of a single robot by incorporating cloud-based service and application to assist cooperation. Researchers at Savitribai Phule University Pune, India have also put in some effort about controlling the robot using Android powered phone. Android has become more powerful since it was first introduced. And the hardware these days used in cell phones to run android is also pretty powerful to incorporate the robot control software.


This type of smartphone control will make it easier for developers to customize the robots actions.