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Now There Will Be A Green Screen Of Death For Microsoft Insiders

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Now-There-Will-Be-A-Green-Screen-Of-Death-For-Microsoft-Insiders-300x150 Now There Will Be A Green Screen Of Death For Microsoft InsidersThe Windows 10 beta tester are going to miss the familiar glow of Microsoft’s Blue Screen of Death. The error message that let people know something went wrong is to be tweaked by Microsoft. Apart from the beta users who have registered for the insider, program all other users will be seeing the same Blue Screen Of Death. However, beta users will see a Green Screen Of Death. In order to identify the crashes in the generally available Windows 10 and Windows 10 beta version, the change is designed. Betas can comprise bugs that crash programs or entire devices hence the company issue a general warning that users can use insider program at their own risk. Dona Sarkar Microsoft Insider Chief wrote in a blog that the change was made to help the company tell apart the error report of beta users from the general users.


Over the lifetime of Windows 10, the Blue Screen Of Death has received several updates. Microsoft earlier added QR codes and links to assist pages in an effort to make it at ease for users to analyze what led to the problems in the first place. The update released by Microsoft rolled out on Monday for the Windows 10 users the new screen is just a part.