nuPSYS Showcases 3D-Advanced Mapping Solution for IoT at InterSec 2019

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nuPSYS-Showcases-3D-Advanced-Mapping-Solution-for-IoT-at-InterSec-2019 nuPSYS Showcases 3D-Advanced Mapping Solution for IoT at InterSec 2019nuPSYS, an IoT solution provider for physical security, infrastructure, and networks, in a recent statement announced the launch of its 3D-Advanced Mapping integrated with the Milestone-Canon Video Management System as a plug-&-play 3D-plugin. The plug-&-play 3D-plugin is being showcased at InterSec 2019, Dubai event being held from Jan. 20th to Jan. 22nd 2019.  The company announced its visual 3D-mapping solution, titled –nuSIM™, that accurately plots assets, cameras, sensors, alarms, partitions, and critical points onto a 3D mapping surface.

With the Milestone-Canon Video Management System and nuSIM™ integration, operators can graphically view multilayer live video overlays within the Milestone-Canon VMS user interface.

Key features of the integrated solutions are: 3D advanced mapping; Integrated 3D view; 3D representation of assets, cameras, sensors, & access control; Generates a real-perspective view for operators – enhances efficiency manifold; Interactive and dynamic operations; Pragmatic 3D virtual presence; Customization dashboard per use case; Dashboard provides simultaneous 3D view, streaming view, and sensor view; CONTEXT AWARE: immersed in the 3D physical environment; SCALE: Single light pole (or single smart infrastructure) to a full smart city-scape; SPEED: Real-time; and KPI IMPROVEMENTS: Enhanced efficiencies compared to maps and icons overlay.

The solution’s 3D-Advanced Mapping functionality offers a unique user experience for video watching and device management within the Milestone-Canon Video Management System. The solution allows easy navigation to see cameras and sensors within a 3D model of the facility and grounds, providing a unique quickly and easily deployable 3D-plugin solution for Milestone-Canon VMS.