NVIDIA And American College Of Radiology Joint Force To Expedite Artificial Intelligence For Diagnostic Radiology

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NVIDIA_And-American-College-Of-Radiology-Joint-Force-To-Expedite-Artificial-Intelligence-For-Diagnostic-Radiology NVIDIA And American College Of Radiology Joint Force To Expedite Artificial Intelligence For Diagnostic RadiologyTech firm NVIDIA and the American College of Radiology (ACR), a professional medical society, has reportedly partnered recently with the aim of allowing thousands of radiologists across the United States to create and utilize Artificial Intelligence for diagnostic radiology in their own facilities, using their own data that will meet their own clinical requirements. The collaboration ostensibly follows a successful 3-month pilot program by both parties; and ACR integration with the NVIDIA Clara AI toolkit into the newly announced ACR Data Science Institute ACR AI-LAB.

ACR AI-LAB is a free software platform which will be made available to over 38,000 ACR members and other radiology professionals to create, share, locally adapt and authenticate AI algorithms, with guaranteeing patient data remain secured at the local institution. To assist in powering ACR AI-LAB, GE Healthcare, Nuance, and NVIDIA, along with a massive network of healthcare startups and research institutes serve as industry partners. On the other side, NVIDIA Clara AI toolkit is a key part of the NVIDIA Clara developer platform that is aimed at allowing software-defined medical instruments and intelligent workflows.

NVIDIA Clara, as a platform to generate data and algorithm pipelines, comprises libraries for data and image processing, AI model processing, and visualization. NVIDIA Clara currently powers GE Healthcare’s Edison AI platform and the Nuance AI Marketplace; both are supporting the AI-LAB and are key solutions for the implementation of AI within the radiology workflow. However, the initial version of ACR AI-LAB will be shown at the 2019 ACR Annual Meeting in Washington, in May this year, where attendees will be capable of exploring and testing with the AI tools essential to adapt and distill AI models.