NVIDIA to step into Big Data Believes GPU is the Key

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NVIDIA-to-step-into-Big-Data-Believes-GPU-is-the-Key-300x129 NVIDIA to step into Big Data Believes GPU is the KeyNVIDIA has blaze a trail in visual computing, the art and science of computer graphics for more than two decades. Now the company is gearing up to step into Big Data business. NVIDIA ANZ country head, Mark Patane expects a trillion dollar business in next few years.

Patane believes Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) is the key to data processing. “NVIDIA has been working with Facebook & Google since a couple of years and we can also help other commercial businesses in analyzing their data”, he said.

NVIDIA machine learning solution architect lead, Dr. Jon Barker said, “There is about 2.5 Exabyte’s of data produced daily, and will double every 3 years”.  Business is all about how efficiently the collected data is processed. Most of the data is in the form of image, audio, video and text. This data is the source, whether one is trying to make a trading decision, develop smart robots or trying to understand the sentiments of a song, he added. We need machines that can process these data in phenomenal speed.

“A non-GPU system can no doubt process the data, but what matters is the time difference that a system with a GPU can process the same data”, Patane said. He also believes this step is a huge opportunity for NVIDIA to show its presence in the commercial market. Even though the use of GPU is not new to data processing, the new generating of GPUs can make a difference.