Nvidia’s DGX-Ready Data Center Program Enables Data Centers To Deploy Artificial Intelligence With Ease

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Nvidia’s-DGX-Ready_Data-Center-Program-Enables-Data-Centers-To-Deploy-Artificial-Intelligence-With-Ease Nvidia’s DGX-Ready Data Center Program Enables Data Centers To Deploy Artificial Intelligence With EaseNVIDIA, a San Jose-based computer game company, has announced the DGX-Ready Data Center program that will provide customers access to data center services through a network of collocation partners. The new offering designed to empower the organizations who deficient in modern data center facilities. Businesses will get basic, affordable deployment of DGX reference architecture solutions from IBM Storage, DDn, NetApp, and Pure Storage without having to address facilities planning.

The DGX-Ready Data Center is debut just a couple of days with over a half-dozen North American data center operators in the U.S. and Canada, including Aligned Energy, Core Scientific, Colovore, CyrusOne, EdgeConneX, Digital Reality, Flexential, Scale Matrix, and Switch. The company said that it is evaluating additional program partners for North America, as well as it is planning to roll out the program across the globe later this year. Recently, DGX set six new records for how fast an AI model can be trained by utilizing a predetermined group of datasets. It outperformed across image classification, object instance segmentation, non-recurrent translation, object detection, recurrent translation, and recommendation systems under MLPerf benchmark guidelines, by up to 4.7 times.

In the statement, Director of product marketing for Nvidia DGX, Tony Paikeday stated that Internet providers, government labs, healthcare facilities, financial institutions, oil and gas businesses and more have all benefited from developing and deploying their own DGX system-based AI data centers. With the launch of DGX-Ready, NVIDIA is creating another boulevard to vend its top-line Tesla parts and DGX systems that target the HPC and Artificial Intelligence marketplace.