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Nvidia’s Jetson TX1 Updated With New Tools

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Nvidia’s-Jetson-TX1-Updated-With-New-Tools-300x129 Nvidia’s Jetson TX1 Updated With New ToolsTo recognize images and objects Robots and Drones are getting computer vision with artificial Intelligence and high-resolution cameras. Developer boards like Nvidia’s Jetson TX1 with capabilities like collision avoidance and auto navigation are fitted into many. Software tools and live image feeds processing to instantly analyze and provide context to visuals are some features of the TX1. The TX1 has been made a lot quicker and well equipped to take care of AI and image processing. The new Jetpack 2.3 software tools for the TX1 are a major update that doubles the deep learning performance of the board has been announced by Nvidia on Tuesday.


The new software tool is expected to make the robots and drones more reliable even though the TX1 was available on the market earlier this year. The new tools are capable of making TX1 more significant in surveillance systems and medical imaging. That being said a surveillance camera can identify objects, recognize people on the crowd and even count the number of people in the frame when equipped with the TX1. To analyze provide the right context of the image by analyzing pixels the board rely on machine learning engine and is equipped with a 256 core GPU and a quad core CPU which is enough to run the analytics and algorithms.