Octonion’s Brainium & Avnet’s SmartEdge Agile adopt Microsoft IoT Plug & Play

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Octonion’s-Brainium-Avnet’s-SmartEdge-Agile-adopt-Microsoft-IoT-Plug-Play Octonion’s Brainium & Avnet’s SmartEdge Agile adopt Microsoft IoT Plug & PlayAs per recent reports, Octonion, an intelligent IoT edge platform based in Switzerland, and Avnet, a Phoenix, Arizona-based world’s largest distributors of electronic components and embedded solutions, have announced adopting Microsoft’s new IoT Plug and Play for their Brainium Core software and SmartEdge Agile IoT device respectively. IoT Plug and Play enables software integrators and IoT developers to quickly and easily prototype, pilot, and produce end-to-end IoT solutions using Azure IoT certified devices.

IoT Plug and Play was introduced earlier this year at Microsoft Build Developer Conference in Seattle, Washington. Reports are that IoT Developers who purchase SmartEdge Agile with IoT Plug and Play will be able to access Azure IoT Central, thus providing them with resources and tools that allow them to connect, monitor, manage, and scale their IoT assets.

Furthermore, together the Brainium, SmartEdge Agile from Avnet, and IoT Plug and Play are apt at addressing sophisticated marketplace challenges that IIoT developers face.

“Octonion created the Brainium Core Software so developers could quickly deliver prototypical IoT and AI-based end-to-end solutions,” stated Ongan Mordeniz, COO and co-founder, Octonion. “We noticed a huge gap in the marketplace between device skills and cloud skills. The engineers who create devices don’t have the expertise to facilitate connectivity, and the developers who integrate connectivity don’t design devices. Octonion’s solution fills that gap, bridging these two areas of specialization with a single, out-of-the-box product.”

“The integration that SmartEdge Agile provides is the key to being able to gather data from on-site devices, analyze it, and put it into a meaningful context for users,” added Mordeniz. “The product’s AI sensors can conduct automated predictive maintenance, including the ability to track movement, vibrations, and activity for equipment, livestock, or even employees on a warehouse floor. As part of IoT Plug and Play, we’ll be able to drive the trajectory of the IIoT market trend forward, where software integrators and developers will be able to scale-up and manage their connected projects quickly, delivering proven, mature AI technology and Security at the Edge in one package.”

“Octonion is focused on creating ways to bring sophisticated IoT hardware and software to market faster with simplicity, realizing the potential that the Internet of Things has been promising for years,” stated Sam George, Director – Azure IoT, Microsoft. “Octonion’s Brainium Core Software with IoT Plug and Play will help drive widespread adoption of smart devices, allowing developers to incorporate high-performance IoT functionality, leveraging edge computing to achieve AI capabilities and versatile connectivity.”